5 Organizations You Wouldn’t Anticipate to Be Using DevOps

In recent years DevOps has become more than just a facet of technology that focuses on software development and delivery process, it has become a benchmark for empowering engineers. It has become one of the most sought-after forms of approaching a work in the IT industry. The demand for a DevOps engineer is high in the market. DevOps speaks of various features of Development and Operations methods alongside aiming to heighten the engineering society for development and substructure for scale. The influence of DevOps is actually not that far from a regular user. Here are five companies that you wouldn’t expect to be using DevOps:


Coffee store chain Starbucks is one of the most recognizable brands in the country at the moment. In the year of 2013, its overall revenue was estimated to be around $14.9 billion. But that amount is minuscule compared to the brand value it has achieved in the last four years. It has become a household name and a part of popular culture. A lot of it actually has been down to DevOps. In 2015 Starbucks launched their DevOps initiative. Ranked as one of their most successful and widely accepted campaigns, #DevOpsTogether created a storm on Twitter and other social media sites. Reports have also suggested that the CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson is an admirer of the DevOps way of work. He is said to be working in close proximity with his creative and branding team in order to find better ways to implement this approach.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

It may seem hard to believe but yes, the chief federal law administration agency of the United States of America Department of Homeland Security does use DevOps. It is hard to say whether the DevOps approach is helping them get through all the heavy paperwork or with the implementation of better paperwork, the agency is the first of many government or federal bodies to jump on the DevOps bandwagon. The Department of Justice, too, is rumored to be taking this approach, along with the big one – Federal Reserve, too, has taken steps to implement the approach.


One of the first major companies to adapt to the DevOps approach. The social networking site devoted to business and employment had been putting to use deployment automation tools since 2009. It was a necessary step for the organization as it had to control the complexity of discharging hundreds of facilities and applications on over thousands (+1000) node environment. Since then the growth of both LinkedIn and DevOps has been phenomenal. Call it ironic, but LinkedIn has become the main hunting ground for clients seeking to hire DevOps professionals.


The multinational company and one of the most recognizable brands in the globe have been a significant contributor to the development of DevOps. Although the company’ participation in DevOps is not a matter of media attention, the company is a known supporter and practitioner of the DevOps culture. Apple over some period of time has been gradually and progressively appointing the correct personnel along with acquiring the necessary tools which will grant them a head start in the race to leading everyone in daily stationing.


NASA originally took to JIRA a patented issue tracking product in 2004. The question of software development had been looming ever since. The NASA actually did adhere to DevOps. The archetype of technological advance – NASA showing a willingness to adapt to the DevOps approach cements its credibility.

DevOps is an atmosphere where an alert connection happens amid teams managing operations and development. It helps in developing superior teamwork and cooperation in between the two organizational units. The greatest companies have seen its brilliance. It’s a work culture of the future.

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