A Look Back – This is How Linux Won in 2015

Linux comes through with flying colours in 2015. Let’s look back how and where it won our heart in the year bygone.


The Importance of Linux

  • Linux is omnipresent, free , open-source operating system and can run on a wider range of hardware including both system types and processor types e.g. it can run on notebook computers, cell phones, game machines, supercomputers, and even some wristwatches and so has huge prospect in the market. As a result it is worth investing in Linux training.
  • Getting software with the Linux server is much easier because Linux provides the open source software, free of cost.
  • The proficiency and the speed of performing task are equal to the Microsoft windows.

Features of Linux to Be the Best Operating System:

  • Low Susceptibility to Virus:Windows is problematic when it comes to virus. On the other hand if you are using Linux as an operating system, you do not have to constantly worry about installing anti-virus software or scan your computer every now and then.
  • Inexpensive: This is a free operating system with innumerable sources distributions. On the other hand, Mac OS X or Windows are expensive operating systems. Thus Linux can be chosen for everyday use.
  • Customization: Linux as an operating system can be customized to a considerable extent. On the other hand, Windows hasits restrictions that prevent customization of the operating system according to requirement.
  • Security: The protection system of Linux is much stronger than other operating sytems and if Linux is loaded into your computer, there is no need for home security systems for your computer and browsing of the internet can be done without any worry.

Best Linux Distros of 2015:

  • Best Disto:Elemtary Operating system (OS)- It is an incredible operating system which has a good aesthetic appearance and performs out of the box.
  • Best Desktop Distro : Open SUSE : It enables installing multiple desktop environments including – Gnome, LXDE, Mate, Enlightenment etc.
  • Best Distro for Personal Server:Debian : This is a rock solid server supplying a plethora of information through forums and is easily manageable.
  • Best Laptop Distro: Ubuntu MATEiency : It exhibits its proficiency in managing resources and furnishing outstanding performance.
  • Most Customisable Distro : Arch Linux: Once the Arch Linux is installed, you need not bother about up grading the operating system every 6 months.
  • Best Distro for Raspberry Pi: Snappy Ubuntu Core: The Snappy Core Ubuntu has Chrome OS like updates and so the user does not have to worry about keeping their Operating system updated.

Having knowledge of Linux is an absolute must as it finds wide application everywhere starting from computers,mobile phones, TV recorders, musical devices and so on. With this ever increasing demand of Linux, there is a huge demand of professionalswith Linux-related skills. With this overwhelming prospect of Linux, it is worth having Linux training to become a well trained Linux developer or administrator.

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