Augment the Performance of Your Chromebook with a Touch of Linux

The Chrome operating system is designed for being a simple, guided operating system for personal use but it does not exhibit the features of open an open-ended operating system, a system developer or administrator might expect. This problem can be solved by installing a Linux environment on Chromebook by which it transforms the gadget into a powerful desktop. The Linux operating system fully exploits the potential of a Chromebook which the Chromebook operating system fails to do. Thus for the wide application and enhanced performance of the Linux operating system, the Red Hat Linux Certification is gaining a lot of importance and is worth undergoing such a training for improved job opportunity.

Steps to Install Linux on Your Chromebook

  • Back up your Data: Chrome book employs Google’s Chrome Operating System and in order to install the Linux OS in it, all your important data needs to be backed up to Cloud or any other computer as this step will be followed by wiping your system clean
  • Developer: After taking a back up of all your data and putting the system in developer mode, with the device on, hold down the Refresh and Escape keys follow by pressing the power button. After your Chromebook turns back on, a recovery mode will be present and the screen will instruct you to insert a recovery disc. The next step is to bring up the OS verification menu by holding CTRL and pressing the D key. At this point you decide either to go along with the process of installing Linux by pressing the enter button or you can back out by hitting space.
  • Avoid Messing with Crouton: Dealing with Crouton and shell scripts can be tough if you do not have Red Hat Linux Certification but you can tale help from the Crouton GitHub page which contains information on detailed instructions, troubleshooting tips to make things run smoothly and a download link for the software.
  • Gain Access to Crosh: This is a terminal of Chrome that allows approach to some settings which are generally not available and allows you to controlling programs the same way as managing a Linux shell. The easiest way to access it is by holding CTRL and ALT and then press T. This will open a tab for you to enter a command and you will type “shell”. This command will allow you to run Crouton and enable you to download and install Linux distributions.
  • Entering Command– After entering command press enter and wait for the system to pull out information and setting up your chroot. It will take a while but do not interfere with the process.
  • Entering Username & Password- This is done to protect the system.
  • System Installed– Your system is installed and to run it enter the command: sudo enter-chroot startxfce4

Thus for the wide application of Linux, organizations and management are in search of professionals well versed in Linux who can handle the installation, troubleshooting, configuration and much more related to Linux. Thus to find a good job and prove your expertise in Linux, Red Hat Linux Certification is a must.

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