Azure HD Insight on Linux: A Good Business Strategy

This service deploys Hadoop on Microsoft Azure. Hadoop is a software framework that is basically an open source that is written in Java for distributed processing and storage on very large computer clusters. Initially HDInsight used only Windows-based Hadoop distribution but with times it has changed. Microsoft has now announced the availability of the fully Apache Hadoop cluster service that is Azure HDInsight on the most vibrant and flexible open operating system Linux.

The Changing Attitude of Microsoft towards Linux

It will run on Linux in the Azure cloud. In the recent past, the Microsoft pointed out that it is no more just Windows Azure but just Microsoft Azure Clouds and in that 20 percent of the VM are Linux based. Microsoft is also adopting Linux slowly and steadily. It is now allowing, rather embracing Docker, Linux and many more. Azure, being a cloud service can not only support Microsoft Windows but also the other non-Microsoft distributions and platforms. Azure is slowly turning into a service where any operating Systems can run. The days are gone when Microsoft allowed Hadoop on Windows only and the reason behind that was nothing but the competition posed by Linux.

Why is the Change Happening?

Now the company has come up with a new message. Microsoft is now trying to go with the demands of the customers who are more in favour of using the open and free source Linux as the operating system instead of Windows. As Linux is more innovating and was the first to allow innovations, people prefer Linux. The innovations are first generated in Linux and then ported to the other operating systems. Due to this major issue, customers demand Linux. Linux has become the latest trend in the IT sector and this is true with Hadoop also. The other reasons are:

  • Many companies have their Hadoop on Linux in their data centres and it is easy for them to create a hybrid cloud with the same if they can use Linux in Microsoft’s public cloud.
  • As there is a high competition among the cloud providers; Azure HDInsight on Linux is sure to prove a good business plan.

RHCE Certification from Red Hat Enterprise is sure to give you a vast idea of the changing attitude of Microsoft.

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