Benefits of Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Red Hat is a worldwide leader when it comes to open source software and solutions that utilizes a community powered approach for offering reliable and high performance virtualization, cloud, operating system (the Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and storage, along with middleware technologies. For over 2 decades now, Red Hat has been providing private, state and enterprise information systems. Red Hat provides stable, efficient and robust solutions to organizations, educational institutions and industries across the globe.

Red Hat Certifications

There are numerous Red Hat certifications that target job roles including system administration, system architecture and engineering, virtualization, application and development administration, cloud administration and others. The RHCSA (Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator) is the basic certification that offers approval regarding an administrator’s insight and knowledge about working with security controls, such as SELinux, Firewalls and mage the user base and file systems, as well as, configuring local storage. This certification helps to add to the skills of web server administration, remote storage connection, FTP and SMTP services and various other such skills.

The Advantages of Red Hat Systems Administrator Certification

By pursuing the RHCSA, freshers or working professionals will be able to gain the following advantages:

  • Gain understanding and learn how to use the essential tools to handle files, directories, documentations and command line environment.
  • Knowledge about operating running systems, such as locating processes, logging on to various run levels, controlling services and stopping and starting virtual machines (VMs).
  • Learn how to configure local storage with the use of partition and logical volumes.
  • Gaining idea and knowledge about creating, as well as, configuring file systems and their attributes, such as encryption, permission, access control lists and network file systems.
  • Learn about deploying, configuring, as well as, maintaining systems that includes the installation of software, updating it and maintaining core servicing.
  • Managing all the users, along with their groups by utilizing a centralized directory for the purpose of authentication.
  • Learning how to manage security apparatus, such as SELinux and Firewall.

The knowledge and skills of IT personnel determines the success of the organization and this is where the importance of the Red Hat Systems Administrator Certification lies. When an individual passes the certification, he/she is registered with Red Hat as a certified professional.

What is the Benefit of a Red Hat Certified System Administrator?

Every company wants to hire IT professionals who possess the required skills and knowledge. From the above-mentioned advantages of the RHCSA program, it is clear that whoever passes this certification is going to become eligible for performing the core system administrative skills, which is needed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. The administrator will be able to perform all the tasks as mentioned above and fetch the organization immense success in the long run. The IT professional who is a certified Red Hat System Administrator will be equipped with the knowledge, insight and skills required to competently handle his or her job role.

Even the company will not have to invest a lot on his or her training during the job. This way, the organization will be able to function more efficiently and quickly.

IT companies today are constantly on the lookout for candidates who have the required qualifications and certification for the job. With a better grasp on the latest technologies, a Red Hat Certified System Administrator will be flexible enough to adapt to the market changes and take his or her organization to new heights of success.

Companies have become more cautious about their security apparatus than ever before and the demand for certified professionals is on the rise. A certified administrator will not only be an asset to the company, but will also be drawing a handsome salary.

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