Boost Your Linux Skills: Attend a Workshop On Red Hat Open Stack Cloud and DevOps

COSS (Complete Open Source Solutions) has organized a workshop on Red Hat Open Stack and AWS Cloud Study in Bangalore on January 30,2016. COSS has emerged as the leading Red Hat Linux Training Institute in India, delivering its training expertise for 11 years in Red Hat Certification and Linux Courses. The scheduled time of the event is 9am-2:30pm to take place in Bengaluru, India.

The Workshop Covers The Following Agendas

Red Hat Open Stack and AWS Cloud Study: The course offers an overview of how efficiently theOpenStack private cloud and AWS public cloud can be used to permit organization to respond to the needs of developers, users and customers. Open Stack is the free and open-source software platform for cloud computing and AWS is the collection of cloud computing services launched by Amazon for public usage.The session focuses on business problems, solutions and strategies.

Cloud Administration – Level III (CL310): The course offers substantial hands-on training for accomplished system administrators in the way to use the distributed storage features of Red Hat Ceph Storage and the networking capabilities of OpenStack Neutron. A Ceph environment will be set up by students and the advanced features of the OpenStack Neutron will be configured by them.It will provide a summary of Red Hat CephStorage, how to manage, access and configure it along with troubleshooting Neutron issues.

CloudForms and OpenShift Roadmap: The course offers the expertise to efficiently managea complex IT environment as it emerges from a traditional set up to a dynamic Infrastructure-as-a-Service (I-a-a-S) model. It aids in protecting your assets and offering constant functionality and user experience.

DevOps Foundation and IT Automation: This course offers an overview of how to efficiently collaborate, integrate, communicate and automate in order to improve the workflow between IT professionals and software developers to boost the development of soft wares and enhance the rate of services.

Thus the advantage of obtaining a Red Hat and Linux certification from COSS is that you get the best hands-on-training, as COSS provides an oustanding lab with state-of-the-art hardware and virtual data centre environment. You gain practical knowledge by executing tasks and sorting out issues.

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Founded in 2004, COSS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified a global IT training and company.


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