DevOps Culture Needs to be Created

Can DevOps change the culture of an IT organization? This is a very common question among the IT users which often strikes out debate. Experts say that the culture is an influential one and impact might result in a positive answer to the above question. It is frequently said that having an IT business and doing DevOps is quite a synonymous work to do. If one is not getting it done then they are wrong in their approach. The main reason is DevOps is based largely on processes and people. It does not concentrate on transforming a business into a rapid, business-oriented machine. One of the best things about it is that IT has the best automation toolset. The service-oriented IT silos are still existing in the industry and they are not going away anytime sooner. There are some ways by which the edges can be softened so that they can work for the advantage of a company.

What is DevOps?

The DevOps in a business ensures that the operators and developers work hand in hand in a convenient manner. This helps them to develop an agile environment without a crappy code. This enables the developers to issue releases more frequently. They will help in keeping applications fresh and in line with the request of the users and the prevailing trends of the marketplace. There would be no need for a quarterly software update. Such frequent releases enhance complexity and risks to the users. This is where the DevOps structures are actually required.

DevOps will ensure that all upgrades work as they are intended to, without breaking the network or the website. This would not affect the performance of the user. Most developers claim to like DevOps because this makes them efficient to work on several hats. They help in understanding the role that suits the best. This makes the developers valuable as well as marketable.

What should be the optimal DevOps culture?

Initialising DevOps can be a risky job if one is not careful enough. There should be the right kind of people to do the work. People who have a wide working experience in the IT sector will especially be helpful to appoint for the job. These people should have the interest and ability to face challenging situations. A successful DevOps culture will be incomplete without the following points:

Greatly communicative

The team in charge of developing should keep the communication with the company open. They should use several methods to do that in an efficient manner like phone meetings, emails, texts, chats, video calls, etc. Staying in touch is more important than the way they are using. They should also be quick to respond in order to keep all the parties on the same page.

Flexibility in processes

A developer should keep in mind that DevOps should be created with the initiative in mind that the environment should be agile and flexible. So, the DevOps developer members should take into account these things. Too much rigid IT project management culture is not at all good for DevOps. But with back-fill support, documentation and resources the PMO can complement the structure well.

Enhances problem-solving

DevOps is very much proficient in solving problems. They should know how they can prioritize a task keeping in mind the type of business it is being designed for. Even during times of difficulty, this will be a point of tenacity and commitment for the users.

Take into consideration how the structure can help operation managers and developers in their job. Maintaining the above things will ensure that the culture of DevOps is a healthy one. But, it is important to ensure that before starting the project buy-in should be created.

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