Ethical Hacking – Complete List of Course & Certifications

Data is important for any company. And hacking or breach of data has become a common news. Someone out there is meddling with the company’s data and companies would not want and like it. They would want to make their security tight with no loopholes whatsoever. So, companies want to employ a professional who has more knowledge and expertise than hackers. And here comes the job of an ethical hacker.

The need for ethical hackers is on rising. But how should one become an ethical hacker? By joining the Ethical hacking course. Trust me the demand for ethical hackers, whether in Government sector or the private sector is high. Since the demand is more than supply you can also expect a good package.

The person with Ethical hacking course certification is expected not only to be an expert in hacking technology but also adhere to the ethical accountability of the job. A certification gives the person confirmability for the job, and the companies hiring get confidence in hiring them.

How are ethical hackers different from hackers?

Ethical hackers are certified and have a license. The field of operation is like the hackers, but ethical hackers are committed and follow some set rules of ethics, hence are called ethical hackers. Ethical hackers can be considered good people like fairies who are creating a border to prevent any misuse or breach of data.

Ethical hackers may provide service for companies or individuals. Individuals also need the help of ethical hackers to recover data, documents, emails which may get lost due to software problems.

Let us discuss the Ethical hacking course, that could be useful for individuals.

Certified Ethical Hacker course or CEH

Candidate can take the course or can take an exam if they have experience in cybersecurity for at least 2 years. CEH is the most extensive ethical hacking course in Bangalore. The course comprises of video lectures, instructor training, on-site training, of advanced hacking tools and techniques. The course equips you to understand the mind of a hacker and crack it before them. You need to think like a hacker but in an ethical way.

By completing the Ethical hacking course, you become responsible and are in the driver seat, where you need to scan, test, secure the system. You also need to hack your own system to find any vulnerability or loopholes in its security.

The course consists of 5 steps- Reconnaissance/investigation, gaining access, classification, maintaining access, and enveloping your racks. All these 5 steps will make you equipped in approaching your target and succeeding in breaking in any time.

Qualification required for ethical hacking course Bangalore

Since ethical hacking is all about computers and is related to software the candidate must have

  • Computer Science degree
  • A+ certification -Comp TIA

Job profile

Network support

The candidate is supposed to take care of

  • Monitoring and updating
  • Installing security programmes
  • Testing for weakness

Network Engineer

  • Designing and planning networks

Job in information security

  • Auditing system and network security
  • Handle security breaches and loopholes
  • Resurrecting security measures

Who should join the Ethical hacking course?

If you are a person who is always curious to get behind the know-how of any process, and you enjoy computers and do not mind spending long hours on computers, this job could be right for you. You are paid to use your expertise to break into other computer systems, that too with the law at your side. Like any other careers it has its perks and lows, and if you swim across the initial phase, you can build a very lucrative career.

You can either join a company or work as a freelancer. Both has its own perks. Once you are in the company you take responsibility related to the company’s security.

As a Freelancer, you need to sell yourself well and build a network and a white profile. Because you could easily be taken as a black hacker. But the benefit of Freelancing is, you can work at your own comfort place and time.

In all the Ethical hackers are in great demand, with of course certified Ethical hacking course. For a long and steady and successful career, you must keep on upgrading your skills and stick to strong ethics.

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