How to boost your career with expert Python training in Bangalore

Python is the latest programming language, students are looking to learn. Python was created by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and is an interpreted programming language, that consists of syntax

  • which allows it to employ shorter lines of code for expressing concepts.
  • Offers vast code readability,

Python helps to handle both small- and large-scale programming with ease. Python is powerful, flexible, popular, general-purpose, open source programming language that is

  • Easy to grasp and learn
  • Easy to employ
  • Has impressive collections for data manipulation and analysis
  • Easy to apply for analytical and quantitative computing
  • Best for web application/development and small-scale automation.

The use of Python is manifold, and hence it has become the most popular language in IT industry. Python is among the top 5 most in demand coding languages in USA. It is employed by the titans like Venmo, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, Facebook. Google to name a few. Others use Python as its secondary coding language if not as the primary one.

Python developers are high on demand. They are ranked among the 8th most in-demand tech employees in USA. Some of the important job profiles for Python Developers are-

  • Software Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software developer

When there is so much demand in USA, surely there is also good demand in India, but we have not many Python developers in India. With the demand for Python developers, many training institutes have come up to impart course and certification for Python. IT graduates and students interested in programming must learn this language as learning this language can give an immediate boost to their career. There are many Python training in Bangalore to choose from.

You must select a Python training in Bangalore, that offers certification and good training. You need to join a training institute to learn Python, as the courses available there are industry-oriented. You not only get a lot of programming exposure but practical exposure too. You must take exam and get valid certification for course.

Why should you learn Python from Cossindia?

Cossindia has a developed a comprehensive curriculum suited best to people looking for jobs in IT industry. The course covers the language from Basic to Advance level. The course is structured to offer in-depth technical knowledge that will enlighten the students and boost their career. We have very competent trainers, who have best industrial knowledge in this field.

After taking the course you will be able to create programs in Python IDLE, will learn to handle errors, create application with the help of graphics in Python, execute OOP’s concept in your programming and many more. You will become industry ready to get job with package starting around 5lakhs.


You must know computers and computer language C, C++. Java, Ruby, to join this course.

Why training & certification is important?

The IT industry, when taking new employees must train them to make them industry ready. However, now the IT industry is looking for employees with certificate, who are trained to be industry ready. Certification is the bridge between the employers and the employee. With the employee being certified the employers need not waste time on training them.

This is where Star certification comes into play. It bridges the gap between the employers and the employee. A Star certification gives an immediate boost to your resume. It is based on knowledge and skills. Possessing a Star certification justifies the knowledge and skill standards of the Star certified candidate.

What is Star certification?

Star certification is among the world’s leading IT certification body, conceived to present a Vendor-Neutral IT certification for courses like Cyber Security, Programming Language and Disruptive Technologies. It has headquarters in California- USA.

Cossindia offers Star certification for Python learners.


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