How to Manage Red Hat with Graphical Service Configuration Tool

To start with, you need to understand that managing a server is basically how to manage services .To manage your server, you should be able to detect the status of the server, whether it is available or not.If the server is not working you should be able to start. The service configuration tool helps you to do the task of start, restart and stop the server. This tool is a graphical application and has been developed by Red Hat in order to configure SysV services. Linux administration training gives you hands- on practice of managing Red Hat with Graphical Service Configuration tool.

How to Start with the Configuration Tool?

Technically to start up the service configuration tool from the desktop, you need to first go to the applications, which is located on the main menu on the panel. Then we need to follow the route System settings> server settings>services or you need to type the command system –config-services at the shell prompt As Red Hat manages all its services through the use of service scripts, it should be started automatically when the server is booting. If the server does not start automatically you should know the technique to start it manually, you must have learnt during Linux administration training.

Utilization of the Service Configuration Tool

The service configuration tool enables you to confirm that all the required services start automatically the moment the server boots. To fix the schedule when a service should start, runlevel is used. Runlevel mainly defines the status of your server at the time of booting. Generally, every service is programmed in such a way that which runlevel it should start and when not. If the automatic option is on then it will start automatically in all runlevels based on the requirement. This function can be stopped by selecting a specific service and then clicking the ‘customize’ option. Doing this, will ensure that you are able to specify the runlevel specified service.

Red Hat Certification helps you to become technically sound in using all the technical tools as an authentic Red Hat System Administrator.

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