How to Run Windows Software in Linux

As an operating system that is free, Linux will always be in demand and so will be your Red Hat Linux Certification which will help boost your career in the IT Industry. However, one of the common misconceptions is the belief that undertaking Linux means bidding Windows goodbye.

True many users undertake the RHSCA training only to avoid Windows but many Linux professionals prefer and find certain Windows software more useful and effective and you do not have to compromise on your choice while working with Linux. There are a great number of ways in which you can run Windows software in Linux.

Red Hat Linux Certification courses gives you the basic idea of how to run Windows software in Linux since irrespective of whether you prefer a Window software or not you just might have to run it in your Linux PC at one point of time or the other.

Here are three ways you can successfully run Windows software in Linux.

Virtual Machines: In the Virtual machine process, you are required to install a copy of Windows in a virtual machine program such as VMware, VirtualBox, or Linux’s built in Kernel Based Virtual machine (popularly known as KVM) solution. This copy of Windows in reality runs in the windows of your desktop while it might seem it runs on the real hardware.

Wine: As an open source Window compatibility layer, Wine is capable of directly running Windows software in your Linux desktop. The ultimate purpose of Wine is to incorporate and re implement enough of Windows features so as to successfully run all the required Windows applications without actually using Windows operating system. Thus, when you want to or when you are required to run Windows software in Linux, Wine is your best option.

Dual Booting: The third and most commonly used method of running Windows software in Linux desktop is Dual Booting. This method is different from Virtual Machines and Wine because Dual Booting is not technically a process to run Windows application in Linux but is more accurately how most Linux developers with Red Hat Linux Certification, run Windows software.

In this method you do not have to incorporate Windows with Linux but simply reboot your computer and boot into Microsoft’s operating system by choosing Windows. This allows the Window software to run in its native environment and using this simple trick you get your job done.

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