Linux Foundation: The Indispensable One

A world of internet and that too without Linux, is really hard to imagine. All the supercomputers and the major enterprises use Linux. If Linux was not there, you would not have what you have now in the name of internet. To quote Linux FoundationA world without Linux means a world without the Internet.” It is Linux, which has changed the image of the Internet.

The Internet you are acquainted with runs on Linux. Your RHCE certification entrusts you with the power to exploit the Linux environment to the maximum.

Linux is Synonymous to Internet

The Internet today is predominantly dependent on Linux. The fact is that there is a high chance the internet connection you are using to read this blog is controlled by Linux Server. Linux offers stability, security, defector standardization and most importantly, it is a free operating system. Linux is responsible to bring the world of Internet to the mass from the professionals.

Everything you do on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others is possible only because of Linux as all Google search you want to run is based on Linux. Out of the top twenty five websites, only two are not using Linux as they belong to Microsoft, but all the others are running Linux. A survey conducted has shown that 96.3 percent of popular 1 million web servers are Linux based.

Linux Paved the Way to Modern Internet

The two main reasons behind the popularity of Linux are:

  1. Cost: It is a free operating system and can be accessed by anyone without hurdle.
  2. Act Enterprise: Linux has the ability to act as an enterprise and that too without any enterprise –grade computer makes it far ahead of its competitors.

Linux was made available to the users when nothing was able to satisfy the requirement of the users. Whatever was available was either costly or needed a new arrangement. It was only Linux, which was cost effective and could use the existing set up and computers.

Linux proved itself worthy enough to earn the belief of the users. So it is obvious that the modern Internet would be completely different without Linux.



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