Microsoft is All Set to Welcome Linux Developers

From the day of the inception of Linux, it was never welcomed by Microsoft as the free open source operating system. It was only Windows that was backed as the operating system for Microsoft. With time this scenario of rivalry has changed and things are all set to take a new shape. Microsoft has come out of its rigidity and in the month of September, 2015 has announced that it hardly matters what operating system the customers are using until it is on Microsoft’s cloud, Azure.

The Need of the Change

It is the ever increasing demand of Linux as the open and free operating system that has changed the attitude of Microsoft towards Linux. Linux is considered as the most successful OS which gives the Window the toughest competition. In the last decade, Linux has proved itself trustworthy and efficient enough to attract a huge chunk of customers. Linux is now used by almost everyone from supercomputers to mobiles. Big companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook along with other corporate data centre completely depends on Linux. As the customers want Linux so the Microsoft has to cater the demand by accepting Linux on their platform; if not they had to face the loss in the market. It is all about money making through the use of Azure.

Opportunities of Linux DevOps

The recent announcement by Microsoft CEO has made it very clear that the company is no longer just supporting Windows. It is ready to embrace the Linux users and also those who wants to make a career in Linux. The company has welcomed the resume of the Linux coders and has also shown that there are 500 job opportunities for the people with the knowledge of Linux. There are again 330 job prospect related to open source and that is not concentrated only in the U.S. So this is a high time for the holder of Redhat certification to go and grab the opening in Microsoft. Enrolling in an authentic Linux course can land you in Microsoft.

Microsoft is going gaga over “Microsoft loves Linux” but there is still some distrust among the Linux experts and users regarding Microsoft. So Microsoft needs to prove itself all worthy.

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