Is it Worth Investing in Hybrid Cloud?


Red Hat is just no longer a Linux OS provider; it has its Open Hybrid Cloud portfolio for its customers. Red Hat is creating tools to help the enterprise customers to make a smooth transition to the cloud by taking care of centralized management and interoperability.

Cloud Computing

In simplest terms cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services with the help of internet. You really do not need your own in house computing infrastructure to run your business, but rather opt for the cloud technology. It promises many benefits to the users like:

  • Elasticity: You can scale up with the increase in your computing needs and also vice versa.
  • Self-service provisioning: You can spin –up your computing resources for any workload.
  • Pay per use: You need to pay for what resources and workloads you use and not the infrastructure have to be maintained.

Cloud computing can basically categorized into three: Private, public and Hybrid which you can more clearly understand by enrolling for cloud computing courses in Bangalore and other places. Each of them has their own benefits along with certain restrictions. With the arrival of hybrid cloud in the market, users started questioning the need of private cloud and the same is now again true for hybrid cloud with the arrival of public clouds. Public clouds are getting popular, but Red Hat has come up with a unique tool of Open Hybrid Cloud solution.

Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud

According to the Red Hat Enterprise, the best way to create enterprise cloud architecture is to handle the heterogeneous environment. Red Hat has created management tools that will be active in both private and public clouds and this will help the users to move from the traditional IT to the cloud through virtualized infrastructure. To give a hybrid cloud which is a combination of private and public,

Red Hat uses OpenStack and provides the customers a comprehensive tool kit to deal heterogeneous environment. All the supporting applications are Open. Moreover Manage Q tools are provided to deal with the heterogeneous environment. Red Hat is providing Openshift Enterprise for its users to run in their on-premise private cloud.

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