Is your Linux PC Secure Enough?

Linux is believed to be one of the most impenetrable and secured operating system for your PC but this belief was shattered by the 2014 security revelations when the operating suffered largely due to a sophisticated Trojan virus and security holes as old as two decades. Linux desktops and servers were exposed by the Shellshock bug to anyone who would want to exploit.
Despite the fact that these security breaches were soon fixed by the security updates yet you may not have these updates unless you are a certified Linux developer or you have some professional help from someone with a Red Hat Certification.
There is no question that Linux still continues to be the safest OS in comparison to Microsoft and Mac yet this unfortunate disaster caused many to pay a heap load of attention to the system’s protection and hire engineers with RHCE Certification to do the needful. However, the security problem with Linux is not a very recent phenomenon.
Although there is no major uproar considering Linux’s superiority over other OS, yet a malware, often referred to as ‘Turla’ or ‘Snake’ has been infecting the system for many years now. It is believed that Turla is a very sophisticated, government sponsored Windows malware that is presumably of Russian origin.
However, Kaspersky recently unveiled a Linux version of Turla which was slowly infecting the system for several years. This Trojan sadly runs in your standard user account without any requirement of a root access. This means that all the restrictions and security measures that you install your Linux desktop with will not stop the Trojan from affecting it. And unfortunately it has the capacity to hide itself from the network service. This is why you simply need to hire a RHCE certified engineer to secure your system.
Of course there is a very slim chance that Turla effects a regular PC since it is a government aided malware and designed only for the surveillance of espionage. However, if you run an agency where security is of utmost importance then you might as well panic and hire a RHCE certified professional for that security of your system. Moreover, if such a malware can come up after such a long time, then you cannot completely be sure that the system does not house any more of them.
The myth regarding Linux’s impenetrable security is broken and caution has to be taken when the safety of you PC is at stake.

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