Linux Job Market Experiences Booms Even When Linux Server Market Disappears

The growth in Linux Job market almost invariably outruns the growth in Linux Server market. Herein lies the importance of undertaking a certified Linux courses since every hiring IT company is generally more prone to hire a Linux trained candidate in contrast to other candidates with other skills.
In reality, a joint survey by Linux Foundation and Dice shows that everyone prefers Linux professionals. The demand for suitable candidates with Linux training is growing and is at its peak which makes hiring and retaining Linux staff pretty difficult and challenging.
This demand for candidates who have undertaken proper Linux Courses like the Red Hat Certification courses does not meet the supply. Firstly there are not enough Linux talent to be hired and secondly it is almost impossible to retain the Linux staff without facing some difficulty.
More than 70 percent hiring managers claim to have increased the incentives to retain the Linux staff apart from providing them with other privileges. However, at the other end, it is very easy for you to secure a dream job if you have taken some basic Linux courses.
The biggest achievement of the Linux Server Market is the cloud whose revenue does not appear in the vendor’s income statement. A good example of this is the fact that companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google may purchase from the popular whitebox server vendors in Taiwan, but they are not actually buying the Linux Servers in the true sense of the term.
They are purchasing the servers only to provision them in accordance to their specification. Thus, ultimately the cloud means fewer servers to sell which in turn suggests lower growth in Linux Server Market.
However, this does not affect the Linux job market since the whitebox vendors- who now account for 44% of all server shipments as well as 26.7% of revenue- are effectively selling Linux jobs despite the fact that they are not selling Linux servers. This is why almost half the Linux trained professionals think that open cloud in 2015 might just be the biggest breakthrough in the overall growth of Linux although the real scenario can be quite the opposite.
The fact is the traditional Linux server market is been eaten by the open cloud. However, this is no way hampers the demand for Linux job market but quite on the contrary candidates with proper Linux courses are in greater demand than ever.

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