Linux Skills are Getting Widespread with the Popularity of Cloud

Cloud Computing is the need of the hour and most of the cloud infrastructure are based on Linux, the open and free operating system. As most of the organizations are shifting to Linux, the demand for Linux professional is also on the rise. In order to get the best benefit of the cloud computing services, the organizations need experts in the field of Linux and so there is an overall growth in the recruitment of people with Linux skills. To be precise the overall growth of cloud services’ has boosted the Linux Server deployments.

A Steady Growth

Surveys have pointed out that of all the servers that are shipped in the current year, cloud service providers will have 30 percent of the entire servers. This shift is surely going to contribute to the recruitment of Linux professionals. Most of the enterprises have put the Linux talents on the priority list and the percentage is almost 77 percent which were only 70 percent last year.

The demand for Linux skills can also be attributed to the steady growth of mobile applications as many mobile services are based on this open source system of Linux. As the use of Linux operating system is moving up the ladder the demand of Linux skills are also increasing steadily. To cater to the need of the market, people are enrolling for Linux course to get certified as a Linux professional. These certified professionals are highly paid as they can be really useful for the organizations.

Getting Hold

When Linux is compared to Window and UNIX you can easily find that the graph of Linux is steadily increasing. On the other hand, surveys suggest that, Widows is losing its hold over the server hardware market from 51.1 to 50.3 percent over a quarter. Even the UNIX system has witnessed a revenue decline of 31 percent in a year.

Linux is the latest choice of the cloud computing and there is a high gain in the Linux server revenue, which further resulted in the increase in Linux hiring. As all the major IT companies are hiring Linux professionals, the Linux course is in demand, as it opens the career opportunities for the candidates.

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