• Automation with Ansible
    New Level of Automation with Ansible

    Already heard about Ansible and what’s it capable of? No! Well then know that it’s a simple yet super-effective automation tool that needs no agent and used widely for a number of projects till date, taking the world of automation to a whole new level. Yes, it is still BASH that will be the very […]

  • Popular DevOps Blogs
    The 5 DevOps Blogs You Need to Read

    With DevOps creating a buzz everywhere and more and more people are becoming interested in knowing what it is, you’ll find a number of blogs doing rounds on the internet giving insights about DevOps. And to be honest, it is very normal too, as, after all, DevOps has taken over the IT world and development […]

  • DevOps Beginners Guide
    What Is DevOps – A Beginners Guide to DevOps

    The word “DevOps” has emerged as a result of the amalgamation of two words ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’, respectively. DevOps can be categorized as an enterprise software (software used by large business associations) for advancement exclusively referring to a sort of agile association (methodologies to define enhanced software growth) between the IT functions and business expansion. […]

  • Ansible
    What is Ansible?

    IT Industry is always looking for better solutions when it comes to finding a better technology. Ansible seems to have answered many people’s problems. Aimed to remove toiling from the user’s work life whilst intensely improving the volume of a task to be changed in size or scale, steadiness, and dependability of an IT atmosphere, […]

  • DevOps
    Some Cool Tools for DevOps Engineers

    The concept of DevOps may seem difficult to understand to the layman. It is not just a degree or a skill. It is rather a software development method that orchestrates development and operations in order to permit a level of dexterity that hazes the difference between development and operations. It can also be called a […]