RHCSA and RHCE –The Most Valued Certifications

Many of you might have the desire to apply for a job in reputed and renowned organizations as a System administrator – this does not seem an easy track with only experience but your merit will also be counted on your certificate or international validation. This is where the most talked about Red Hat Certification comes into the scenario. If you aspire to become a certified system administrator, RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) Exam is your goal. To showcase your talent as certified engineer who can work in Linux environment, you are advised to take up RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) Exam.

Difference between RHCSA and RHCE

These exams are completely 100% performance based and are set to actual practical abilities required to work in Red Hat Linux environment. These certifications enable you to become qualified professionals.

RHCSA: There is no pre-requisite to take up this as it is an entry level certification. To be a RHCSA qualify EX200 which is a half–day hands -on lab exam.

RHCE: It is more advanced of the two and covers a wider overall syllabus. This enables you to move from mid to advanced level .In addition to EX200 you have to take up EX300, a two hrs hands-on lab exam, to be certified.

Both certifications involve two separate exams.

Things To Do Before Taking Up these Linux Courses:

Exams are challenging .To overcome this challenge you need to be technically sound as well as well practiced. Prepare yourself for RHCSA and RHCE by

  • Being well aware of the objectives which are documented on Red Hat site.
  • Remembering the references in the manual
  • Being aware of the documentation that is related to RHEL.
  • Reading books and course materials of Red Hat.
  • Enrolling yourself for RHCSA AND RHCE courses.
  • Managing the time as time is limited during the exam
  • Practicing the fastest way to solve the task.

Things To Do While Taking Up these Linux Courses:

When you are in the exam room you need to make sure of the following:

  • Have a clear idea about what you are supposed to do.
  • Reading the instruction helps you to handle the task logically.
  • Find the fastest way to solve the task.
  • Install everything what you need at once.
  • Rebooting is very important.
  • Need HELP-You have the manual but that costs you time
  • Check all the items once you are through.

Nothing but practice and dedication is the key to crack RHCSA and RHCE examinations.

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