SELinux is Complex but Don’t Let That Intimidate You

SELinux or Security Enhanced Linux is an added security mechanism that regularly comes with the Linux distribution. It was first developed by the NSA (U.S. National Security Agency) to implement the Flask operating security architecture. After that a lot of modification was done to make SELinux ultimately public. Although at first look it appears very complicated, but if you know the correct configuration of SELinux, it will improve the security of your system. SELinux now comes with all Linux distribution.

Need to deal with Linux

This added security feature is a labeling process. Each file or directory in the OS, network ports, potential hostnames have a label. Rules are written so that you can control the access of the program and this is popularly known as Mandatory Access Control (MAC). Use of SELinux can reduce the security risk, but has to be configured in a proper way to get maximum advantage.

The Linux admin training in Hyderabad or any authentic institution will ensure that you have a clear command over the configuration and other details mainly the error messages it displays when the system denies access. You have all the power to define the user function with the help of SELinux and thus control the interaction with all kinds of files. It gives all security and gives a tough time to the hackers from breaking the entire system.

Working of SELinux

The standard Linux security control is popularly known as DAC or Discretionary Access Control. Added to this is SELinux which does not have concepts of ownership rather is fully controlled by the labels. So it can be set up without any powerful root process. As SELinux is a parallel enforcement structure, it can be used along with DAC. This sometimes leads to confusion and the system administrators instead of trying to understand the SELinux thinks that the access denied is mainly because of SELinux. They prefer to disable SELinux permanently from the system without thinking that they are basically opening up the security system.

Features of SELinux

  • Allows the application to make queries about the policy
  • Allows in-place policy change
  • Write policies that suits your requirements

With SELinux you can give a twist to your system and get it totally secured.

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