Some Cool Tools for DevOps Engineers

The concept of DevOps may seem difficult to understand to the layman. It is not just a degree or a skill. It is rather a software development method that orchestrates development and operations in order to permit a level of dexterity that hazes the difference between development and operations. It can also be called a technological way of life that needs conveying of messages, teamwork, most importantly, an emphasis on creating top quality software systems. Aiming to create software systems that are not only a joy to use but also to create, a number of tools are established to make the jobs of DevOps Developers simpler. Here are some effective tools for DevOps engineers:


Written in the programming language Ruby, Bluepill is a fairly easy and straight forward method that is used for monitoring purposes. Bluepill is a RubyGem, a packaging supervisor for the Ruby programming language and the DevOps engineers use it for overseeing their work. It functions on three different levels, which are:

  • Application
  • Group
  • ProcessThere are several key features incorporated into this tool. Some of them being the feature where every single process holds a quality to say how to conduct the start and the restart of I. It also tells exactly where to look in order to place the PID file. It also runs the group processes by name.

Puppet Enterprise

Rated as one of the most dependable tools by the DevOps Engineers, this tool is used in order to launch the IT automation. It helps in achieving the indicator over the configuration running and software with the process of multiple changes. The major features of Puppet Enterprise are:

  • Automatic enforcement of the steadiness of the situation
  • Ability to work with both physical and virtual machine
  • a fairly regular tool chain and the
  • cares for the performance along with providing constant delivery


One of the widely known tools created for the DevOps creator. The widespread acclaim of it is down to the fact that it has transformed every step into something easy. Be it, automation or be it the process of configuration management, CHEF has made all of these processes much more hassle free and simpler. Its features are expectedly quite a lot in number. Some of them include:

  • managing the nodes from a single server
  • allowance of cross-platform management that runs Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • the combination with the chief cloud providers
  • additional premium features


A top tool for DevOps engineers. It is an extensible incessant incorporation engine. It is considered to be one of if not the most superior tools because it can be utilized to keep a check on the diligent completion and running of the recurrent jobs. This tool enables the DevOps developers to save a lot of time because when assimilating change to plans, it also has the admission to outputs that informs the engineer with ease in case something does not go right. Some of the main features are –

  • permanent links
  • RSS or IM integration
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Nonstop Delivery
  • JUnit or TestNG test reporting

To overcome the brilliant IT results from the emerging and application of the DevOps there has been a rising need on the side of the developers. They want to lessen the holes with the IT process team and save time. There various tools that are created for the DevOps tool. In turn, this would help the developers of DevOps comfort their procedure. These tools are required to have pertinent and beneficial characteristics. The tools mentioned are all highly able and well-designed tools made carefully serve the purposes of the engineer.

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