The Growing Concept of the DevOps Methodology

January 23, 2016- COSS (Complete Open Source Solutions) organized a training sessions on DevOps Methodology . The session included training on the use of configuration tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible and developing real time projects. The training took place in Bangalore for three weekends for each of the configuration management tool, starting from 10am in the morning at the Marathali Center. From this training you can gain an overview of DevOps methodology and the advantages of using some configuration tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible. COSS has emerged as a first-rate IT training company specializing in cloud computing, IT Infrastructure management, DevOps automation, and enterprise visualization. It is a leading Red Hat Training Institute in India delivering its prowess in training for over 11 years.

What is DevOps?

The term is derived by combing two terms, “operations” and “development”. It is a mindset or a culture which is made up of processes and practices that brings together the development and operations teams, within a company to build and employ software, with maximum proficiency and minimal hindrance. It is definitely not about using one tool or another. It is about choosing the correct tools required for improving the software building life cycles.

The Benefits of DevOps:

  • It brings about consistent software delivery and crisp and faster feature delivery.
  • It results in faster solution to complex problems.
  • It allows more time to add value to software than spending on maintaining and fixing.
  • It creates a more stable, operating environment.

Configuration tools are used in an IT industry to employ applications and maintain infrastructures and thereby reduce manual workload and human error. Choosing the right tool depends on the knowledge of the IT professional using it.

The Merits of Some Configuration Tools are:

  • Ansible: This tool is easy to use, learn, secure and efficient, as it runs on Open SSH.
  • Chef: It is a powerful tool and offered as both open source and enterprise product as it is very flexible and can be customized and configurations can be adapted because of its use of code.
  • Puppet: This tool helps in configuration management of operation systems and applications.

With the growing concept of DevOps, Red Hat Training will assist you in understanding and implementing the DevOps methodology for the benefit of your organization. The advantage of doing the training from COSS is that it allows hands on training in its top class laboratory equipped with progressive technology and branded hardware.

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