The News that Drives the IT World

The IT world is driven by cloud computing in the modern scenario. This fact is obvious when you survey the various developments that are taking place in the world of IT sector. The news may be related to jobs, network security, certifications, big data and much more, but what becomes obvious from these news is that the IT sector has an overwhelming effect.

Top News

Top Ten Cloud Computing Skills: Employers are in search of those applicants who are really skilled in Linux, Shell scripting, Chef, SaaS programming. The other top cloud computing skills which can make your profile more presentable are Puppet, Python, Ruby on Rails, Pearl, DevOps and Cloud, Legacy System and IT consulting.

The latest trend shows that it is Linux and Chef skills are most in demand as both are related to open source system management and cloud infrastructure. As most of the organisations are shifting to the open source operating system, so is the demand for such skills are on the rise as they need professionals to handle the infrastructure. Red Hat Certification can validate your skills of Linux.

New Big Data Certification Program: This program with big data has promised to turn you into a data scientist in just 12 weeks. The Zipfian Academy of San Francisco is ready to give a fast-track certification program which will ensure that you are well versed with the skills that are needed to become a data scientist. Major companies like LinkedIn and Facebook have shown great interest in such programs as there is a huge demand for data scientists.

Few are Turning Away from Cloud: When everyone is going gaga over cloud, few educational institutions are moving away from it as they feel that there are issues regarding security, reliability, cost, service, compliance concerns and integration issues. Due to bandwidth problems and many more Southern Illinois University is shifting back to on premises system. Many are of the view that in the future this is going to happen to many organizations also.

Hackers Exposed: Symantec researchers have identified hackers who are linked to a number of high profile attacks, including that of Google and security firm Bit9. According to the findings the group uses two backdoor ways, Moudoor and Naid, in order to hack the corporate systems.


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