Top 20 Linux System Admin Interview Questions – Part 2

In the previous post in this series you have come across the basic five questions asked during Linux system administration interview. In this section you will be acquainted with a set of top five questions which deals with little advanced level. Taking up Linux courses will help you to have an authentic Linux certification.

Here we present with next set of 5 questions with answers from professional experts:

Q6. How will you be able to change permissions under Linux?

Use of chmod command can give you the permission. Using +symbol for adding permission or – symbol for denying permission with any of the following letters: g(group), o(others), u(user), w(write), r(read), and x(execute). Example-chmod go+rw

Q7. Will you be able to create partition from the raw disk? Explain.

Yes, fdisk utility can be used to create partitions. The steps you need to follow are:

  • /dev/sd*(SCSI) or fdisk/dev/hd*(IDE)
  • Type n to create a partition again
  • Use w command to make the changes to the partition table.

Q8. What do you mean by Network Bonding?

It is collection of multiple Lan cards in a single bonded interface. It provides fault tolerance and high performance and commonly known as NIC Teaming.

Q9. Explain the effect of case sensitivity on your use of command.

To give an example CD, Cd, cd – all the three commands are used for different purpose. So if you using upper case letters instead of lower cases it will give completely different result.

Q10. Define Puppet Server. Explain the manifests in Puppet.

It is an open source and enterprise software used for configuration toll in UNIX or similar operating system. As automation software its usage is to push configuration to the clients basically the puppet agents using code. This code can do variety of jobs from installation of new software, updating accounts, check file permissions and so on.

The files in which your valued client configuration is pointed and specified are basically the Manifests in Puppet.

These advanced level questions will truly guide you in your preparation of the exam and clear system administration interview. You will find some more interesting questions in the upcoming sections.

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