Top 20 Linux System Admin Interview Questions – Part 3

The previous section (Part – 2) dealt with advanced level questions asked during system administration interview. In the third section you will continue with the journey and have 5 more advanced level questions that will help you also to get Linux certification. To prepare more for a career in system administration you can definitely opt for Linux courses

Here are the next set of our top 5 questions with answers that you are likely to be asked when appearing for a Linux system administration interview:

Q11. How can a new concurrent connections be tracked?

To be precise concurrent connections are the total number of validated ‘handshakes’ between the server and the client during any particular given time just before all the communication has been disconnected which may be due to any reason-force or refusal. To track a new one you need to run:

  • modprobe ip conntrack
  • conntrack-E- e NEW

Q12. Without rebooting how can you scan a newly assigned luns on Linux box?

You can execute it in two ways:

  • Run the Command ,echo’’- – – ” >/sys/class/scsi host/host X/scan
  • If sg3 rpm is installed, run the command ‘’

Q13. What are the main contents of /usr/local?

The locally installed files are the main contents. This directory works in environments where files are stored .The locally –installed files are stored in /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/lib. It is also used for software packages which are installed from source or software that are not officially shipped with the distribution.

Q14. How can you terminate a process which is running on your desktop?

Each process running in the system is identified by a unique process id or pid. You need to use the kill command followed by pid to terminate the running process and to terminate all you need to use kill 0.

Q15. What do you understand by Super user?

A special user who has open access to all files and commands on a system is known as the super user. Root is generally super user’s login and is protected by a root –password.

These questions will prove to be a great help for your system administration interview. Also, keep your eyes in this space for the upcoming set of tricky questions in the next and last section of this series.

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