Top 5 Linux Command Line Tools System Admins should Use

As Linux is the flavor of the IT world, it is everywhere and this makes it really difficult for the system administration to keep a check and then debug Linux Performance disturbances every day. It is really difficult task to monitor the system and keep it running, but is not an impossible task. If you can use the right tools at the appropriate time, you can easily identify the real reason behind performance problems. There are many such tools which are useful for System Admins to solve the problems.

Command Tools that Help

Here you have the five frequently used one which are generally introduced to you during any Linux courses.

  1. Top: A small tool or Linux command which is a performance monitoring program and is generally pre-installed on Unix systems. It basically shows the various running processes in the system, thus helping the system admin to monitor and take action. It displays Memory Usage, CPU Usage, Process PID etc. The default criterion of Top command is the CPU.
  1. Atop: It functions almost like top, but it has logging processes on the daily basis for analysis of long-term. It highlights the consumption of resources. Moreover, it also shows the condition of resources and whether they have reached the level of critical load.
  1. Lsof: It is used to display the list of all the files that are opened that includes disk file, pipes, processes, and so on. When it is difficult to unmount a disk and it displays that the files are in use this command is very useful.
  1. ftptop: It gives all the basic knowledge of the current ftp connections, for example the total number of sessions, what is the total number of uploading as well as downloading and also information about the client connected to your server.
  1. Powertop: It diagnoses issues related to power management and consumption and is also of great help in experimenting with the settings of power management.

Learn the uses of these tools during your Linux courses as they will be of great help.

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