What is the business value of Red Hat Training?

In order to keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements and maintain key IT skills, regular training is required. However, IT teams often wonder about the value of investing in training and to end this constant dilemma, IDC conducted a study to determine the value of Red Hat training. Their study revealed that organizations that invest in Red Hat Training are going to enjoy a 3-year ROI of 389% and 71% less downtime, along with increased efficiency and effectiveness in their core IT operations.

The study further went on to reveal the importance of initial training for the success of a project. It explored the relation between project success and the skill sets of the IT team and arrived at the conclusion that by simply investing 1.5% of the project budget in training, organizations can increase the rate of success to a whopping 50% to 80%. Additionally, due to the rapid technological advancement and business changes, skill sets are lost or degrade through personnel changes and attrition. According to the study of IDC, the organization loses its original capability by 60% in 3 years and 75% in 6 years with the lack of ongoing training to prevent IT teams from losing their skills.

As per IDC’s study, ongoing and regular Red Hat Training for IT teams prove to positively impact the bottom line of a business. The study estimates that the company benefits $41,435 from the increased productivity of the IT staff and $11,563 from risk mitigation. The organization further benefits $424 in IT infrastructure cost reductions. So, as you can see, an organization’s overall cost reduction and productivity benefits are likely to be $53,422 per employee per year.

The benefits of Red Hat Training as cites by the participants of the study are given below:

  • Newfound knowledge about latest tools that help to improve the troubleshooting process leading to 23% less helpdesk calls and 50% faster resolution of issues when they occur.
  • Device management teams and administrators become 16% more efficient after following Red Hat Training as they are able to conduct question and answer sessions with the staff at the same high level and also talk about technologies outside of Red Hat.
  • Losses caused by unplanned outages curbed and 71% less productive time is lost benefiting the customers.
  • The ability of support DevOps, Containerizations and other technologies improves with training and the staff is able to go from two months to three minutes on a platform build.

Red Hat Training enables organizations and individuals to sharpen their skills and implement the same for the success of a project. Effective helps in the overall success of the IT department. According to the results of IDC study, it can be said that investing in Red Hat Training is a worthy investment and one that can fetch you nearly 4X the ROI over a period of 3 years. You can also start to notice the results of the training within two months as the productivity of your staff increases.

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