VVIT – Guntur – AP

Mr. Vatsal Thakor and Mr. Tausif Shaikh addressed the audience once more. The topic of the session was “Career Opportunities with Linux and the Importance of Red Hat Training and Certification.” The session was attended by 300+ students, who were ecstatic to learn about the importance of Red Hat Training and Certifications in today’s market. Mr. Vatsal Thakor also demonstrated hands-on experience with Dockers, Containers, and OpenShift. The crowd’s reaction was fantastic, and management was equally pleased with the crowd’s reaction. VVIT has always believed in staying ahead of the competition and providing the best for all of their students, and with the efforts of Principal, Dr. Raghu Ram, and Dr. MRN Tagor, they are now confident in enabling Red Hat Training and Certifications for their students.

Glimpse of the event

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