1.PRODEVANS Flagship academic training “CAMPUS TO CORPORATE LEAP” is streamlined to help students easily make the transition to IT industry. Students graduating with the Internship will be well equipped, we trained and confident to take on the challenges ahead. Our Internship programs are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Candidate’s time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare them while taking up the least amount of your time possible in Hands-on way.
2.The Prodevans Technologies has initiated a “Campus to Corporate Leap” in the form of training & Internship model to implement the 21 day “Red Hat Linux & Python with Machine Learning”. The organizations which have already registered with Red Hat Academy has Implemented this program to elevate their skills.”
3.Eligible Participants: All Engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA), Science students and hobbyist of Latest Technologies can attend the Summer Training Program, as these technologies have become the backbone of all the industries.
4.The training modules are available on the file at 5.Commercial:
● Training & Internship: 7,500 INR + GST (18%)
● Red Hat Certification(2nd Attempt): 8,250 INR + GST (18%)
  • Combo Offer: 15,000 INR + GST (18%)
  • NOTE: Actual Cost of Certification is 16,500 INR + GST (18%)
    6. Summer Training Program Handouts includes:
    ● E-Books as in supporting documents.
    ● Internship Certificate
    ● Goodies
    7.Internship will be conducted by our corporate trainers till the completion of mini project work to collaborate their knowledge with what they got in training sessions
    8.Delivery of the Program:
    The entire Python and Machine Learning Program will be delivered through Prodevans flagship Machine Learning as a Service platform called iVentura – The Data Detective Machine Learning requires specialized (and often expensive) hardware resources. Physical Infrastructure with these kinds of requirements requires tremendous investment on equipment
    and work force. Moreover, even after the Infrastructure has been set up, very few students have access to work on these machines.
    All these are provided out of the box by iVentura.

    ● A user logs in through the portal where he/she registers with email address
    ● Student will be presented with a space to work and save the projects
    ● Project workspace will be loaded when the students logs back in
    ● All of the students workspaces can be viewed by the faculty
    ● A nominal fee of Rs100/month will be charged to access these services
    9. Schedule:
    ● Essential Training Schedule: 15 Days
    ● Internship & Project Execution: 5 Days
    ● Project Evaluation: 21 Days
    10. Terms & Conditions:
    ● Students need to register to RHA Account Manager from College/University.
    ● Registration Fee is Non-refundable and Non-transferable.
    ● Certificates will not be issued before the completion of the training & Submission of
    ● Batch will be schedule based on the discussion with College/University.
    ● A registered candidate shall be allowed to participate in the training program only if he/she submits balance fee and other required documents on the day of reporting.
    For queries Email us at: - Or Text/WhatsApp/Call @ 8984253877