Get a High-Paying Job with RHCE Certification

Linux is driving the modern IT world. Most of the organizations, big or small, are shifting to this free and open source software. A survey shows that almost 94 percent of world’s android, servers and supercomputers are powered by Linux. As a result Linux system administrators are in great demand. The employers need someone who not only just talk Linux, but also can handle Linux with ease.

Without an efficient Linux System Administrator all the resources related to the OS of the organization is just a waste. So the management is ready to pay bigger salaries to the holder of Red Hat Linux certification and not all certifications related to IT. Red Hat certification is no ordinary IT certification as it ensures your employer that you have hands-on experience of dealing Linux and Red Hat products.

Value of RHCE Certification

Among all other Red Hat Certifications, RHCE certification or Red Hat Certified Engineer is regarded to be the “hottest certification”. This certification is an advanced level certification which can be achieved only by passing EX300. It is a two hour hands-on lab exam. This exam judges your ability of installation of network services, security and other advanced knowledge.

RHCE proves that you can not only do the work of RHCSA holder, but also handle the tasks of senior administration. These tasks range from configuring, filtering, scripting, maintenance and security. Your certification gives your career a boost by giving you the power of negotiation. An employer can trust your certificate as RHCE is considered as the most reliable certification.

With the certification you can seek jobs as System Engineer, Linux System Administrator, UNIX administrator and many other top profile positions, and your salary will be no less than 6 figures.

How to go about RHCE?

To get this high salary is not an easy bet. You become a holder of the RHCE certification only when you have crossed the barrier of RHCSA which is an entry level certification. To rally give a kick start to your career in Linux, it is always better to start at entry level like the position of junior system engineer position.

Enrich your knowledge with Linux experience and then target for RHCE. Your certification along with experience will take you higher. Employers always prefer some formal certification, so with your dedication and perseverance be a proud holder of RHCE.

Passing RHCSA and RHCE Exams with Good Marks is No Rocket Science


Red Hat, one of the best Linux distributors, offer you Red Hat Certification based on various hands-on lab exam. The Red Hat Certification is valued the most by the IT industry as it ensures the employer that you are quite competent to handle the Red Hat Products and have skills to deal with Linux. The Red Hat Certification is quite ahead of other IT certifications as it tests your practical ability rather than theoretical knowledge.

Your grasping and the executing any practical task is what the exam focuses on. RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) are the two most important certifications among many other Red Hat Certifications. To crack the exam is definitely a challenge, but not a rocket science. Your hard work, dedication and practice will lead you through the path of success.

How to Prepare?

Hard work, dedication and practice will lead you through the path of success. The discussed guidelines will surely help you to get through these prestigious exams of RHCSA and RHCE:

  • Practice gives you confidence: First step is to understand the official syllabus of the RHCSA and RHCE and then just practice all the topics of the syllabus. You must have extensive practice in handling Red Hat distribution before you enroll for the exam. The best way is to go for courses which will give you a thorough practice of the contents and also live experience, thus making you confident.
  • Read to understand: During the exam go through the questions to conceive what is expected from you. While you read the questions, make sure that you group the similar activities which will save time. Start with what you are most comfortable.
  • Manage your time: Proper time management will help you to sail with ease. Do not waste time with any questions. Move to the next one and come back again if you have time.
  • Reboot: Rebooting is your best friend in the exam hall as it will help you to find errors at the earliest. It is through rebooting that you can get assurance that your answers are correct.
  • Use Manual: Manual is available for your help but that can be time consuming if you are not thorough with the handbook in advance.

Do your homework well to crack the exams.