Building Kubernetes Applications | DO288 – Red Hat by COSSINDIA (Prodevans wing)

Launch your career as an OpenShift Developer! Take advantage of the chance to receive world-class training and certification from COSSINDIA (PD wing)!


It teaches how to use OpenShift, an open-source container application platform, to develop and deploy applications on a Kubernetes cluster.

Use Case Scenario:

Alice is a software developer for a sizable financial institution. She has been managing and deploying the apps for her company with OpenShift for several years, but she has always been curious about the underlying technology.


So to learn more about OpenShift’s functionality and how to use it to create applications on a Kubernetes cluster, she enrolled in the DO288 course when she learned about it.


Alice could apply the information and abilities she acquired after finishing the course to enhance how her business creates and distributes applications. For example, she was able to streamline the building and deployment of apps, which cut down on the time and labor necessary to put new applications into use. She could, as well.


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