With RHLS, learners can gain the skills and expertise needed to master Red Hat technologies and advance their careers in IT.

Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS)

Online self-learning access all 40+ Red Hat Course Modules with the Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS).

All Red Hat Online Learning courses are accessible for a full year with the Red Hat Learning Subscription training package. More than 300 recorded instructor videos and 400 hours of hands-on lab time are included in Red Hat’s online learning materials.


Red Hat Learning Subscription offers Red Hat training through a dynamic, online learning platform that includes video classroom courses, e-books, hands-on labs, and more. These courses are delivered on demand, at your own pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the world, and in up to nine different languages.

There are four Red Hat Learning Subscription choices available to you:


  • 24 hour access to course materials
  • 50+ accessible online courses
  • 400 100+ hours of practical lab time
  • Numerous hours of video lectures
  • Video-Based Learning accessible for the well-liked courses
    Options for course content in up to 9 languages


  • 2 Exam Retakes and 5 FREE Exams
  • 400 Hours of Lab Time Expert Seminars from Red Hat Professionals let you access remote laboratories from anywhere in the world.
  • Support for instructors during business hours
  • Lesson Plans 
  • E-books that can be read offline
Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Storage, and Red Hat JBoss® Middleware courses are ALL accessible through RHLS.


  • Expert Seminars from the Red Hat Professionals: 5 FREE Exams + 2 Exam Retakes
  • Support for instructors during business hours
  • Lesson Plans
  • Live, online classes led by knowledgeable professors
  • Obtaining new technology before it is officially published in advance
  • 24/7 access to course materials lets you learn at your own pace.
  • Expert chat: online instruction from a live instructor
  • Short videos with expert commentary that detail real-world application cases and scenarios
  • Given in up to ten different languages
Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium offers everything you need to design the learning experience that works best for you, including live classes that fit into your schedule, on-demand training that is available whenever, more access to instructors for advice, and more tools to help you learn.


  • 3 FREE Developer Certification Exams
  • All current Red Hat Training online and video classroom courses for developers include 100 hours of cloud-based, hands-on lab time.
  • As they are made available, fresh and updated developer training.

Red Hat Learning Subscription

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