A Guide to Install Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu is a mobile operating system and is popularly known as Ubuntu. Not many devices are supported by this operating system, but if you have an Android device, it is high time to try out. If you are the owner of Nexus 4, 10 or 7, you can install Ubuntu.

Although installing Ubuntu may prove beneficial in the long run, but as it uses beta software, it is not very stable software. Before installing Ubuntu on your device, make sure that you have a proper backup of everything that is already there in your Android.

To install Ubuntu, you have to follow nine easy steps. You need a PC or laptop that runs on Ubuntu as the process of installing the mobile OS uses the desktop form or version. The steps are:

  • Your PC with Ubuntu must have universe archive. If it is not enabled, you need to enable it by removing #. Once enabled, you are ready to install the ubuntu-device-flash package.
  • Phablet Tools PPA is needed to install Ubuntu. You have to press Ctrl+Alt+T to begin a terminal. Update the system for the latest package with the help of the command: sudo apt-get update. Then by typing: sudo apt-get install ubuntu –device flash you can install the flash package.
  • Type: sudo apt-get install phablet –tools to install the phablet –tools package and then lists the tools required.
  • Enable your Android Developer Mode by going to settings and tap the Build number seven times to become a developer. Once you get the developer option, enable USB Debugging which will help you to send instructions to the USB connected device from the terminal you have already created.
  • Now you need to connect the device to the PC with the USB and check the connections by typing adb devices.
  • At this stage you have to unlock the bootloader of your device. Type: sudo fastboot oem unlock. You are now ready to move through the initial set up.
  • Just power off the device and reboot into the bootloader. You need to use the right physical button combination that suits your device and type: ubuntu-device-flash-channel=devel—bootstrap to install Ubuntu.

Linux certification enables you to do all the mentioned steps with more efficiency.

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