Career Opportunities After You have Completed Linux Courses


Are you doubtful of Linux courses? Are you worried whether Linux Certification is worth to give a boost to your career?

If you have completed your Linux courses you are on your way to earn money. Linux being a free software is in demand and so are Linux professionals. In last few years the scope for Linux professionals have shoot up in the IT world like anything.

Number of jobs and designations are available to the holder of Linux Certification. By pursuing the various courses related to Linux you get a firsthand experience of real life situation thus enabling you to handle any major Linux distribution. The Red hat Certification gives you the power to escalate your career graph in all prospective areas.

Once certified you are eligible for the mentioned posts:

Technician Job: You are responsible to manage Linux workstations and desktops. This job profile expects you to know the nitty-gritty of the system. You should be able to perform partitioning, installations, troubleshooting network, maintenance etc. You can get recruitment at companies using Linux, datacenters and many such places.

System Administrator: The job profile expects you to manage important services like ftp, http, setting up backups and other administrative tasks .You should be well versed with Linux distribution like Red Hat Ubuntu, Debian etc.

Support: You as support technician have to support the Linux professionals in the companies to do their work.

Application and Web Programmer: As a programmer you need to write plugins, design databases and application, code in different languages, script in multiple languages and manage services. Applications and games on Linux desktops are generally programmed by people with the knowledge of GTK+ and QT or low-level languages as C++.

Teaching and Writing: In this job profile you are required to teach in colleges and schools and also write articles for large companies thus earning a good amount.


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