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Must Know Things about Ethical Hacking | Ethical Hacking as Career

There are a lot of interesting careers for people. But some people observe more and are more interested in going deep into the problems i.e. investigation. Some people have the knack of investigation, and they can smell and feel it. The job of Ethical hacker has become very interesting and alluring. With so many companies both private and Government need an ethical hacker, the demand has touched great heights.

Before going into the job and course profile you must test yourself as to whether you are cut for one. You must do good research about Ethical Hacking, and Ethical Hacking Course. And of course, you must have the right qualification to take an Ethical Hacking Course.

There are many types of hacking and before you set your foot in you must know about it.

-Types of hacking

Basically 3 types of hackers-

* White hat-the ethical hacker

* Grey hat -is half black and half white, white is that reveals the weakness of the company and black is it reveals it in an unofficial/ unapproved way. Hence grey. Doing the right thing not under right course.

* Black hat- is we all know, an unlawful or pirated hacker.

The act of ethical hacker is to identify the weakness and loopholes in the system within the company in legitimised way. All the process and action of the hacker is documented.


1. You must have knowledge of coding or programming. That means you must have a degree in Computer Science, IT, or maths. You must have knowledge of Java, C++, Python, PHP.

2. Must know how to operate all types of system, the latest as well as the not so latest. Must have knowledge of windows, Linux, Unix, IOS.

3. Must know all the fundamentals/basics of networking

4. Must have knowledge of as many gadgets and technologies as possible.

Other than the academic qualification you must be able to think beyond, cut across the problem, and be patient and ready to put long hours at work. There could be some dangers, that you should be able to handle.

-Get the certification

To be an ethical hacker you must join an Ethical Hacking Course, from a recognized institution. Certification gives you legitimacy to enrol for – Ethical Hacking jobs. You get a direct route to apply for the job. There are many courses available. You must also check the job profiles of ethical hackers to understand their qualification and good features.

Things you must embrace yourself to make yourself a best – Ethical Hacker.

1. You must be able to adapt to new technology. As soon as any new technology hits the scene you must try to educate yourself with it. Its all about being more than others that can elevate your career and keep you ahead

2. You must read the latest journals articles, and watch videos slides, to keep yourself updated.

3. Identify the target and then design your map accordingly. Its important to identify what is the purpose of hacking in a case, and who is your target. Once you know that you can think about the targets’ extent of efficiency and the services he may likely use.

4. Make a road map to your target, as to how you are going to proceed in your investigation. This can give you a lot of clarity, and you will be able to work systematically. Work in order can improve your efficiency. As you need to concentrate on small clues. If you are organized, you are in a better space.

5. Innovation is the key to success. Tread the path no one has taken. Think of ways that is beyond the capacity of your target to catch him off hand. Being a successful ethical hacker, you must be swift in action and must think of new ways to get things done best.

6. Be unique. You must have the potential to move like a panther swift, calculative and grasping the target with all four limbs. Means leaving no space to escape.

With all the details and enlighten, now can be set to identify and match your qualities with the Ethical Hacker and decide on your career as an Ethical hacker.

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