Oracle: The First to Develop Full-fledged Cloud Computing Base

The IT world is completely dependent on Cloud Computing as most of the big and small enterprises have their own or shared cloud to function on a larger scale. Cloud Services from various organisations has come as a relief to the IT based as well as non-IT based companies. The cloud service helps the users to reduce the infrastructure cost.

The companies do not really need to set up a dedicated hardware infrastructure but just need use a shared cloud infrastructure and pay for it. It helps in cost cutting and the saved amount of money can be used for other business purposes.

Cloud Computing

It is popularly known as on-demand computing where the information and shared resources are provided to the users through computers and other devices on requirement and demand. It is process in which the enterprises can process and store their data in a data centre which belongs to a third party. With the help of cloud computing different and multiple users can easily access one server to update and retrieve their data.

The concept of cloud computing has gained immense popularity and is now a highly demanded service. It has several advantages like low cost of services, scalability, high computing power, high performance, availability and accessibility. Due to all these qualities, cloud vendors are witnessing 50 percent growth rate per annum. Many organisation has come up with the cloud services and Oracle is one such Organisation.

Tech Giant Oracle

Oracle is one of the big name which has developed and introduced a full-fledged cloud computing platform. The reason behind is the popularity of cloud among the users. As the cloud business is growing leaps and bounds, the company has invested in developing the platform infrastructure along with the software service. The company claimed to book the most in the cloud than any other cloud service providers in the market. It has come up with all innovations that are sure to attract the customers.

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