Impediment of Linux Community and What is the Way Out

Linux is the most popular free Operating System. It has outgrown like anything in the last decade. Most of the important enterprises along with Governmental organisations have adopted Linux. It gives the users the freedom to customize it and modify it according to the need. This freedom has now become a major issue as the Kernel developers are complaining of a ‘toxic environment’.

The world of Linux is facing a setback. The reason behind is that the Kernel developers do not show patience while working. The precious commodity of Linux is sure to see the end because of the kind of motivation used by the Kernel Developers.


In the world of Kernel developers there is no place for personal feelings. To make the developers work, the main tool is not a positive motivation but a negative one. To make the developers work at an acceptable level, the Linux believes in harsh words and “radical emotional honesty”. This attitude would not help in the long run as developers are sure to feel frustrated and leave the job.

Linux is an open source environment and so many of the developers are just volunteers. The base of the Linux community is freedom and also sharing, definitely not dictatorship. If the same behaviour continues, it is sure to generate suffering from the fear, doubt and uncertainty. As Linux is a community, one cannot force anyone to do something as it will result in conflict. This conflict is sure to crumble the entire system.


Linux is powering the biggest businesses, and so the kernel development team should realise that they cannot afford to behave in a dominating way. The issues need to be seriously handled so that it is just for everyone involved in the process. It is a high time that the Linux community brings in a mediator to resolve the conflicts. The community of developers needs to work hard to treat the various programmers, who are working with complete dedication to deliver and also follow the codes itself.

Linux course can be a way to make the developers understand the code of conduct as a Kernel developer.

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