Linux Professionals in Greater Demand than Ever

Linux is in and here to stay. The popularity of Linux is mostly because it is a free open source operating system and also offers several other advantages over Microsoft. As a result nearly all IT companies prefer candidates with certified Linux courses like Red Hat Certification training.

In fact according to a recent joint survey by the tech job company Dice and Linux Foundation, nearly all hiring managers recruit Linux professionals specifically. Thus, a simple beginner’s course in Linux helps you secure a great job and with more advanced Linux courses there is no limit to what you can achieve.

However, to successfully get recruited you would be required to have some formal training in Linux and not just rare talent. 44 percent of the hiring managers would want their candidates to have certified courses while the other 54 percent expect either certification or formal training. Yet, hiring managers are struggling to find Linux professionals with or without certification and the only thing more difficult than this is retaining the Linux staff that you already have.

Candidates with special knowledge of OpenStack and CloudStack are more prone to get hired as believed by 42 percent of the hiring managers in the survey. However, 49 percent of Linux professionals believe open cloud alone will be the biggest growth in Linux job market in 2015. This demand for candidates with Linux courses will continue even when Linux server Market disappears because the whitebox vendors are effectively selling Linux jobs despite the fact that they are not selling Linux servers.

The supply or availability of Linux professionals utterly fails to meet the demand of such candidates and hence there is always a shortage of Linux staff. Not only do the hiring managers readily hire candidates with Red Hat Certification but also works hard to retain the staff.

More than 70 percent hiring managers claim to have increased the incentives to retain the Linux staff apart from providing them with other privileges like allowing them to develop and providing them with all that they require to effectively work and contribute to the Linux community. 37 percent of such firms are offering more flexible job hours and telecommuting for their Linux talent while 36 percent are increasing salaries for Linux pros.

However, on the other hand it is very easy for you to secure a dream job if you have taken some basic Linux courses.

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