Top 5 DevOps Trends You Need To Know in 2017

Every day a new organization is developing something new and implementing a new idea. Why should you stay behind in knowing what is happening in the tech field? Every IT company and their employees need to stay updated with all the present features in order to have the sense about the new trending technology. After all, technology doesn’t wait for anyone and its development is rapid. And it is this very ever changing and ever modifying nature that makes staying up to date with latest technological revolutions like DevOps trends a must. Therefore, below given are the 5 trends about DevOps culture that you must know:

#1. New Adoption

Till date, the different organizations associated with DevOps have only experimented and worked in smaller or brief projects. But in the year 2017, new enterprises that are much larger in size are going to opt for the adoption of DevOps on a very large scale. According to experts, DevOps will be now the center of attraction for everybody. There will be new collaborations for DevOps between QA’s, developers, professionals that help interesting, business planning professionals and lastly the security teams.

#2. Better Security

We all have been scared of this issue since the internet became such a free place. But with DevOps, the security is being taken to another level altogether. The focus is now even better than before, which will ensure that nothing can create a breach in the security systems created by the developers. There is an end to end security system, continuous security and also operational efforts that will ensure that the users feel secure enough along with better-using experience.

#3. DevOps Tools

DevOps culture offers you with enough tools that are required for the delivery cycles and their proper maintenance. These tools are specifically made to check that the delivery of the software’s is done smoothly. The best and most popular tools already present in the market are JIRA, Docker, GitHub, AWS, and Jenkins. For 2017, these apps will be sorted in a way where the best ones will be merged together to create new ones that cater to all the needs of a delivery cycle.

#4. DevOps and Big Data

With the software’s that are released, different kind of information is generated in and around the technological market. Now, all that information and data has to be checked or analyzed in order to ensure no mistakes. It is important that machine language is applied to the whole date for creating business reports for predicting the profits and losses.

#5. Everything Is Hybrid

Like we said that new tools will be created by merging the ones that already exist, so new applications are also available from bigger organizations that exist together. Everything will be hybrid from now on which includes tools, applications, and infrastructure. Thus, DevOps will come out in the market as a supporter of this coexistence and will be ready for the different aspects.
These are the 5 trends that you need to keep your eye on in 2017. The merging and the adoption by bigger developers are sure to change the whole overview in the market about new technologies.

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